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  • Starboard Tiki Tour - at Paddle Round the Pier

    Starboard Tiki Tour - at Paddle Round the Pier

    Brighton’s Paddle Round the Pier is this weekend and we have a big Stand in the Paddle village with Paddleboardings elite brands Starboard and Red Paddle Company.

    Starboard Tiki Tour at Paddle Round the Pier

    Come and see us on the stand and check out the latest SUP Boards and Paddles – This year Starboard are bringing a demo fleet of Astro inflatable boards for you test and we will also have some amazing event deals too - so you won’t want to miss this… get involved and on the water this weekend at Paddle Round the Pier; Europe’s largest Free Beach Festival.. For more info check out :

    To give you a bit of a heads up if you haven’t heard of the festival, a small group of surfers got together back in the day to bring together and evolve what is known now as the world’s largest free charity beach festival with a whopping 50,000+ visitors on average a year. Over the two days be it on land or in the water (4th & 5th July) there is something for everyone to see and do. The event supports some fantastic charities so come and get involved.



  • Tide Mills Beach Needs You!

    Tide Mills Beach Needs You!

    We have been contacted by Local Surfer Jon Spong for help in getting the plight of the Tide Mills Surfers out to the wider Surf Community – Jon has started the “Save our Wave campaign”, for people wishing to speak out against the planned development and restriction of access to Tide Mills Beach. Tide Mills Beach Needs You!
    Jon has said “the owners of Newhaven Port are trying to deny local and national users access and use of A SECOND Newhaven sandy beach” “This time it is the beautiful Tide Mills beach, hugely popular with both local and national visitors and wavesports enthusiasts that is to be BUILT upon by Newhaven Port and Properties (NPP). The planned development partially covers over the sandy beach at the west end of Tide Mills. The surf break stands to be decimated by the new development plans, ending countless years of sporting culture in this culturally and historically important location. “No-one doubts that this regeneration needs to take place for the good of the town but there has to be a way forward without pushing a busy shipping berth out into the clear view of the entire bay and sacrificing this precious natural space”
    “We, the surfers who began this campaign are sure that the benefits of preserving this surf break run far beyond it’s immediate value to the large surfing and wavesports community here. The break is hugely important as part of Newhaven and Seaford’s portfolio of tourism resources as well as contributing to a general culture of health and wellbeing in the area". Sussex has an ever growing surf community with scarce few breaks over sand, on which it is safer for newcomers to learn. The value of this surfing beach must be recognised and preserved.
    We will keep you updated on this campaign and urge that you show your support by signing the petition on

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