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E Bomb

  • Rip Curl Promo

    We've made further reductions to 3 of our top Rip Curl wetsuits. The E-Bomb series of suits offer an amazing top end spec - GBS seams, E3 neoprene, critically taped seams...So you'll find the Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro chest zip 3/2mm summer wetsuit now only £159.99 (RRP £220!). If you're after a winter suit, the Rip Curl E-Bomb back zip 5/3mm is now down to £159.99 too (RRP £230)! Check out the Rip Curl Core Insulator too - unbelievably now only £184.99 (RRP £260) - your ultimate winter set up in 5/4mm, the insulator with zip on hood (included), internal batwing, E3 neoprene, chest zip system, liquid taped seams and Fireskin thermal lining....what a package!Click on the following links to check em out:

    Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro 3/2mm Wetsuit

    Rip Curl E-Bomb 5/3mm Wetsuit

    Rip Curl Core Insulator 5/4mm Wetsuit

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