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  • Congrats to DC's Chris Cole - Street League Skate World Champ!

    Congratulations to DC Pro Skateboarder Chris Cole who won the Street League Skateboarding “Super Crown Championship” last night in Newark, New Jersey becoming the 2013 Street League Skateboarding World Champion. Fellow DC teammates Nyjah Huston and Mikey Taylor came in 2nd and 8th places, respectively.

    DC Chris Cole, 2013 Street League Champion
    Photo: Blair Alley

    From the beginning of the competition at the Prudential Center, the night seemed to belong to Cole. He skated consistently well during the entire contest, working his way into the top spot making tricks such as a kickflip backside noseblunt and frontside bluntslide to kickflip out look easy. His highest scoring trick of the night was a 9.3 for a flawless fakie frontside bluntslide down the hubba.

    DC's Cole, kickflip backside noseblunt
    Photo: Blair Alley

    In true SLS fashion, it all came down to the final seconds with Cole holding on to the lead and taking home the $200,000 Super Crown Championship prize purse. This is the second SLS event of the 2013 season that Cole has won; he also dominated the competition at the SLS event at X Games Munich 2013 back in June

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