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  • Screaming Ham Jam 2012 is coming....

    Screaming Ham Jam - Saturday 25th August 2012

    Get down to Shoreham Skatepark on Saturday 25th August for the Screaming Ham Jam skate comp. Starts at 11am and promises to be another rad comp! We're sponsoring the event again along with Santa Cruz, Creature and Indy.

    This year there's also pro skaters coming over from the USA - Kevin Towalski, Cody Lockwood and Mason Merlino. From Scotland there's Stu Graham, Colin and fresh from taking 8th place at the CPH Pro.....the Welsh Wizard that is Jake Collins!!! Plus the usual rippers - it's guaranteed to go off!

    Join the group on Facebook:

    ham jam 2012

  • Classic Creature green colourway. Wait a minute? That's not green. Oh, we get it, very funny Creature…..

    Just got the latest Creature “Green” series Skate decks in store sizes 7.7” / 8” / 8.26” – spot the marketing fun…they ain’t green…!

    And each one comes with the disclaimer…

    "Warning Creature Customer : This colourway is in no way a reflection of the rigid branding and marketing practices of Creature Skateboards. Creature Skateboards still has propriety ownership of the colour green and may use “Creature Green” in situations that satisfy the aforementioned criteria. Thank you, The management. "

    Very funny Creature…..!!!

    Creature Green Deck Large 8.26" £54.99 

    Creature Green Deck Medium 8" £54.99

    Creature Green Deck Small 7.7" £54.99


  • The day the Creature team came!

    Here’s some pictures of the Creature USA / UK skateboard team visit to Ocean Sports 12th June. Shoreham locals waited all day for the weather to break and a chance to see Creature pros skate their park - but with the downpour showing no let up it wasn’t going to happen…!

    We had a quick re-think and a convoy was formed to truck locals back to our shop, Ocean Sports, where we opened up and arranged to meet there.

    After the obligatory board, t shirt, hat, sticker toss outside Woodies Diner the creature team including Al Partanen, Darren Navarrette, Taylor Bingaman, Sam Hitz, Alex Horn, Adrian Mallory, Stu Graham, Carl Wilson, Colin Adam and Ben Divine rolled into the store to meet with the few lucky locals.

    Pros signed boards, t shirts, bits of boards etc and spent time hanging out which was very cool and much respected considering they had only arrived in the UK that morning and had come via Hastings!

    Determined to get some skating in, the Creature guys made a 'weather permitting' promise to get down to the bowl the next day. Fingers were crossed for fine weather for the next morning – we got the call just after 9am that Emmett and Geoff had hand dried the bowl and it was now skateable! Phew! We made a quick call to the Creature Crew to give them the heads up and the session was on.

    News went round like wild fire -lets just say school attendance records took a dip that day!

    The Creature USA and UK team skated with the Shoreham locals from 11 till 3 – the pictures tell the story


    Pictures Courtesy of Shoreham Skate Park / Geoff Mckeown
    Big thank-you to Jerome Shiner / Creature Team for visiting us and all the Freebies – Jelly, Andy Geoff and Steve for getting everyone to the Shop!

  • Creature Team to hit Shoreham Bowl - Sunday 12th June

    You've probably heard already....but if not, the Creature Team are visiting Shoreham Skate Park to skate the infamous bowl this Sunday! This is the American Creature team plus members of the UK team too!

    It's all part of the 'Creature Crue-sades' tour (see poster). A one off opportunity to see some of the best skaters in the world skate your local park - not to be missed!

    So, if you fancy a quiet roll in the bowl Sunday you'd best head off to Crawley as the Ham is gonna be mobbed!

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