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  • National Go Skateboarding Day


    National Go skateboarding Day

    June 21st marks “National Go Skateboarding Day”

    National Go Skateboarding Day is a day to head out in the sunshine and have a good skate with your friends. This annual celebration is aimed at promoting skateboarding and getting people motivated to take part in the sport we all love so much. Contests and fundraisers will be being held around the world.

    A lot of you will read this and wonder why only one day, why not skate every day? We totally agree, skate every day for sure! But the big drive of this day is to get the people whose boards are at the back of the wardrobe to dig them out again. Go for a push around town and remember why they bought a skateboard in the first place.

    Here in Brighton we are lucky enough to have 10 skate parks within a short distance. This means you’ll never get bored of the park scene around here.  The area offers more street spots than you can master in a lifetime. Ocean Sports is lucky enough to be part of this scene, sponsoring contests and hosting events. At Board riders we stocking decks and components from brands such as Independent, Lovenskate, Spitfire, and Bones.

    If you fancy a new set up for the day, pop down to see us. Open 7 days a week and free parking right outside. Our staff Skate and know all there' stuff. Complete skate decks from £59.99. Visit our store or shop online

    It's great to get kids involved too, we stock children's starter skateboards . Complete skateboards in a full range of sizes. Whether you're just starting out in skateboarding or you're near on pro, we'll have a skateboard for you. Limited edition special run skateboards, cheap sale price complete skateboards and new latest season release skateboards too!

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  • Penny Skateboards - the re-stock!

    We're stoked to get a delivery from Penny Skateboards this week, topping up our sell out completes, grip tape, wheels and trucks in time for the Christmas gift season!

    Penny Skateboards in stockAmongst the re-stock we've managed to bag ourselves the best selling Penny Skateboard Original in rasta colourway, plus the uber bright FLURO range. Check out the special edition Penny Skateboards too like the Holiday Edition Surfboard, the Nickel Christian Hosoi and TCSS army camo design too. Ideal Xmas pressies!

    Penny Grip TapeAlready got a Penny Skateboard? Funk it up with Penny grip tape (perfect stocking filler for someone who's already got a Penny too!)

    trucks for penny skateboardsWe've got a selection of wheels and trucks too, if you fancy customising for yourself! Hurry though, our Penny boards always sell out fast!

    Penny Skateboards are available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove or buy online from

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