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  • Re-introducing Cliché



    Launched by Jeremie Daclin back in 1997 Cliché is coming up 18 this summer. The brand has come along way and its team of riders growing from all around the world!
    Why is this relevant you may ask, because with age comes experience and rightly so.



    Cliché skate decks just in!You may or may not have seen these skateboard decks appear on our Instagram last week, they're fresh in the shop and plenty of sizes to choose from 8 up to 8.5! Made from the good stuff, they are ideal for street or park or even just to have displayed on your wall!

    Skateboard wall artCheck out the full Cliché range here including pro models from Winter, Espinoza, Eldridge and Guttenburg...

    cliche Paul Hart at Thrasher Mag Bust or Bail in San Francisco

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  • Old Skool Skate World Cup Decks

    Old Skool "Hair Cup" World Cup Skate Decks By Cliché

    Whether you love it or hate it, the World Cup is on its way and this time next week the madness begins.

    So to get in the spirit Cliché have issued some limited edition ‘Hair Cup’ decks designed by the one and only Mark McKee, featuring Cliché riders Epinoza, Collet and Brezinski as old skool football cards with some crazy hair styles and stunning football tops.


    Joey Brezinski 7.75"


    Daniel Espinoza 7.9"


    Charles Collet 8"

    These decks are made from 7 ply Maple and can be great to simply have as wall art or get in there and skate.

    So grab your Old Skool Skate World Cup Decks before they go!

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