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  • Get bidding for The Skatehouse

    Fancy yourself an epic piece of skate memorabilia? Perhaps a copy of Jay-Boy, signed by none other than skateboard legend JAY ADAMS himself! Yeah…we thought so!

    Here at Ocean Sports Board Riders, we like to support the local skate community, so we’ve donated an awesome signed copy of Jay-Boy to the guys down at The Skatehouse to auction off and raise funds for The Skatehouse Skatepark.

    Jay Adams is one of the most influential skateboarders of all time and one of the original members of Z-Boys, the world famous 70’s skateboarding group (along with Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta).  Adams is featured prominently in the award winning documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys and in the 2005 film account of the Z-Boys origins, Lords of Dogtown.

    Jay's stepfather Kent Sherwood was one of the founders of Z-Flex skateboards in 1976, he was also an amateur photographer with skills! Jay-Boy features over 100 pages of classic photographs, rare early moments of Jay, his friends and his lifestyle.

    Jay-Boy was produced in limited run and as you can imagine, a signed copy is pretty damn rare (and special).


    The signed copy of Jay-Boy is up for auction on eBay CLICK HERE to view the listing and make a bid (opens in new window). Auction ends at 9pm on 4th August and all proceeds go to The Skatehouse

    Great prize, great cause – get your bid on folks!

    For more information about The Skatehouse or to make a donation, head to

    For general skate enquiries email
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  • Dr Mika Peck set to SUP the Amazon!

    How about Dr Mika Peck from Brighton University leading an intrepid trip down the Amazon the first people to do this on a SUP too..! Using the amazing Red inflatable SUP's for travelling ease the aim is to raise funds for rainforest conservation projects while increasing awareness of the challenges facing the people and wildlife of the Amazon region. Dr Peck will be keeping a blog of the team’s adventures as they paddle along the river through Ecuador, Peru and Colombia to the border with Brazil.

    Dr Peck says: “The Amazon is a wonder of the world that shows off nature in all its glory. The beauty of descending it using paddle boards means that we can get up close and personal with the river’s natural treasures, such as river dolphins, tapirs, birdlife and primates.

    “We’ll be camping by night on the river bank or staying with indigenous communities. At the end of the trip the paddle boards will be used to survey wildlife in the Amazon's flooded forests – in particular night monkeys – to determine impacts to wild populations from illegal trade.”

    To get into training for the epic voyage, Dr Peck has been paddling away in the sea off Shoreham and along the River Arun in Sussex, although according to Dr Peck, “the Arun probably has more teashops than the Amazon”.

    While not expecting to encounter the more “glamorous” hazards of anacondas, piranhas and alligators during their river trek, the team will have to beware of dehydration, sunburn and the increased risk of infection through open wounds.

    Mika is taking GoPro Hero 3 Camera on-board to capture some of the amazing adventure… The team will take a month to complete the trip, travelling 80km a day and encountering numerous challenges along the way before reaching their destination.

    Follow the Stand up for Amazon blog here:

    Find out more about Mika's SUP mission here:


  • Brighton marathon runners...look for us when you hit 'The Wall'

    There's an extra buzz around town at the moment in the run up (pardon the pun) to the Brighton Marathon this weekend - good luck to everyone taking part. Our retail shop Ocean Sports are sponsoring 'The Wall' to raise money for the Kenya Project, set up by City College, Brighton.

    'The Wall' is basically a giant wall, based on the concept that most runners hit 'a wall' around 20 miles into a marathon run. Bigger than a double decker bus 'The Wall' is being built by City College's Carpentry Department using around 300 metres of timber and 20 litres of paint! Check out last years footage below - pretty impressive!

    YouTube Link:

    Of course 'The Wall' is in part to motivate runners and spur them on toward the finish line, while spectators cheer them on from the sidelines, but it's also to raise money for a very worthy cause set up by students and staff at City College, Brighton - the Kenya Project. Last year 23 students and staff flew to one of the poorest areas of Kenya to help build homes and basic infrastructure - making a real difference to the lives of the local community. The Carpentry Department are set to head back out to Nakuru, Kenya this year and we we're more than happy to get on board, sponsoring 'The Wall'.

    So if you're in the area or taking part in the Brighton Marathon yourself, look out for the Ocean Sports sign when you hit 'The Wall'. Good luck to all runners this Sunday - listen out for us cheering you on too :-)


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