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  • Vans 50th Anniversary second drop of goods

    Vans 50th Anniversary second drop of goods!

    To celebrate Vans’ 50th Anniversary, Vans have released the second installment of their anniversary collection. With some of the largest names in Skate and BMX, the Vans Pro Classic collection are the same loved shoes we’ve seen over the years. Vans have just added some of the performance features that we see today!

    Features include supportive Ultracush HD sockliners for that ultimate comfort and Duracap protection in those areas that are prone to wear.


    The second installment of the collection |

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Sk8 Hi Pro 83' | Christian Hosoi

    Starting with 1983, the SK8-HI PRO. Christian Hosoi's style, raw power and larger then life persona took skating to a soaring global popularity. The Sk8 Hi Pro's feature the classic checkered design and upgraded cushioning and durability!

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans Era Pro 83'

    Keeping with 1983, the Vans era Pro celebrate Eddie Fiola, one of the first Freestyle BMX legends! Fiola dominated the sport to give it the recognition it has today! Features include Ultracush HD sockliners for additional comfort, Pro vulc constriction for more boardfeel and flex and Duracap underlay to withstand the abuse.

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans Sk8 Hi Pro 86'

    Known as the Iron Man of freestyle BMX, Denis DMC McCoy began competing pro in 1986 and ever since has pioneered the sport! This is the most iconic colourway of the 80's and features the comfort and durability you would expect today.

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans Sk8 Hi Pro 87'

    And finally the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro 87'. From the Santa Cruz team in the 80's to the Black Label in the 90's and Anti Hero today. Jeff Grosso's two tone Sk8 Hi has been modernised with upgraded cushioning and durability and of course re christened as the Sk8 Hi Pro 87'.

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans 50th Anniversary Second Drop Timeline

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  • Sea Swimming

    Sea Swimming

    Sea swimming

    Sea swimming is a Brighton and all along the South Coast tradition. Due to its popularity, more and more people are inclined to swim in the sea for the majority of the year and not just on those nicer days and the holidays.

    We are getting asked a lot for Sea Swimming or Open Water wetsuits, and depending on what you want from your swimming experience in terms of equipment, this is where we come in.

    Are you after the ultimate experience of swimming when our local sea temperature drops as low as 5°C (41°F) at the coldest time of the year?  You may be looking for a little more protection in the form of a wetsuit and wetsuit accessories?

    Or, all you are looking for is a swim suit, swimming cap and goggles? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

    We have been selling wetsuits in our Brighton store (Ocean Sports) and online (Boardridersguide) for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection and have friendly, knowable staff on hand to make sure you buy the right wetsuit for you!

    A wetsuit will keep your core warm and provide a little extra buoyancy too! The more neoprene you have on, the warmer you will be. Too much neoprene and you may start to lose the feeling of swimming through the water and just float.

    If you are a member of a sea swimming club, we suggest you speak to your instructor / organiser first, they will be able to offer you the best advice and what you will need for local conditions.  We have found lightweight, short arm and long leg or short leg wetsuits are preferred as they keep the body warm and don’t restrict your movement, allowing you to swim through the water at ease.

    You will find that your hands and feet may get cold also! Fingers and toes are the first to complain in the cold water, we have wetsuit boots and wetsuit gloves that will do just the job.

    Lightweight gloves will keep your hands warmer without detracting too much from the feeling of swimming. Wetsuit boots or wetsuit shoes for sea swimming are recommended to keep your feet warm and protect you from sharp stones and those nasty weaver fish. For colder temperatures we also sell neoprene beanies and hoods to keep all the heat you generate whilst swimming from getting lost through your head (these make a big difference). We also have a good range of sea swimming googles and swimming hats to offer.

    If you need more information please call us on 01273 412241 or check out our recommended sea swimming products in our Men’s Open Water Swimming and Women’s Open Water Swimming sections or better still call into our store in Brighton and say Hi..!

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  • A gap between action sports and the outdoors

    A gap between action sports and the outdoors

    Poler Outdoor Stuff is a brand created to bridge a gap between action sports and the outdoors, recognising that a modern active outdoor lifestyle encompasses them both. Making stuff for the roamers and seekers, gear that is both fun and functional and suited for everyday use in the city as well as your next trip into the wild.

    We've just got in some quirky camping / apparel bits and pieces from Poler ranging from tees, tops and caps, to fold away bags, sandwich makers and 'the Napsack'.

    The shop team have been busy getting it all ready in the shop for you to come feast your eyes on!


    We've got some items back in by Poler demand and everyone here's loving the Napsack!


    What is the Napsack?

    The Napsack has zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out, and a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out. Hike it up to your waist, cinch it, and wear it like a puffy coat around the campfire, and then crawl right back into your tent without ever having to leave the warmth of your bag.

    Perfect for summer trips, couch surfing, music festivals, jumping into after snowboarding, surfing or any other activity that brings your core temperature down. Its not too hot for inside and is awesome for wearing around the house in the winter.

    The chest pocket fits a phone and has a pass through hole for your headphones to run internally, and it has pockets like a puffy jacket.


    Basically... you'll never want to be parted!

    Take a look on our website here or why not pop in and see us! We have all you need for the perfect trip #campvibes.

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  • Penny Longboards are here!

    Just in the Penny Longboard!

    Penny have taken their secret plastic formula and created a unique camber and convex deck shape to offer quite the ride! The new development provides a greater strength and control over the deck itself whilst still providing that functionality that we all know from the Penny board series.

    This board is ideal for those that love to cruise and explore be it around town or down hills and offer the smooth ride and stability you need!


    Longboarding has been around since the 70's so whether you have tried it or not why not give it a go! We have all the above colours available even a quirky Glow in the Dark option...

    Penny themselves offer a range of blogs on how to; Carve hills on a Longboard , Urban Longboard , Beach Longboard and Transit Longboard.

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  • Latest news from Oceansports / Boardridersguide

    The sun appears every now and again and from the office window, no day is every the same but summer is most definitely here with the shop busy with customers getting bits and pieces for upcoming holidays and such like.

    We're heading into the busiest time of the year for us; summer and we've just had Paddle Round the Pier which was such a good weekend mingling with the local like minded surfers / paddleboarders and skaters. We set up camp with Red Paddle Co / Starboard down on Hove Lawns as part of their Tiki tour over the weekend allowing people to test drive the paddleboards and let people know just how good the brand resulting in happy customers!

    Paddle Round the Pier Paddle Round The Pier Tiki Tour


    We've also had some new clothing in from Animal, Element, Billabong and others. There is something for everyone so watch the website or pop into Oceansports. A particular favourite is the Animal Lana Jane Knitted Cardi ,it has a bohemian feel about it and would look great with some of the women's bits and pieces we have in.

    Animal Lana Jane Knitted Cardigan Animal Lana Jane Knitted Cardigan

    We are also lucky to have in the Z flex Jimmy Plummer complete skateboards in a range of colours. A few of the staff here have got one and we love them! For £39.99 reduced from £119.99 that there is a bargain. They are ideal for parks or cruising in particular the seafront and after work a few of us have popped down to have a go. We're even running a comp over on our Oceansports Facebook page to win one of these beauties, so if you fancy getting you're hands on one check it out here , the competition ends Monday 13th July so be sure to enter.

    Click the picture for our comp

    There's too much to talk about in one blog so why not pop down to the shop, our friendly staff are on hand to help you with any questions you might have so come say hi.If you're lucky we also have the booth open so why not treat yourself to an ice cream!


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