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  • Holiday Shop Blog | 5 Top picks

    Top 5 picks for summer 15


    With the warm weather upon us and holidays on the horizon, it’s time to think about those all-important essentials to make sure you get the most out of your holiday!

    We’ve picked out five essentials which we feel is a must for any beach holiday.

    holidayshop_11 Flip flops -

    Whether you’re walking through the airport terminal, exploring the local towns or just relaxing on the beach, flip flops are the ideal footwear. We have a wide variety of flip flops to suit any occasion.
    You may have even heard about the Sanuks (back in by popular demand don’t you know), they are super comfy (made from yoga mats) and a favourite here in the Boardriders office!


    If you’re looking for first time flip flops for the kids that are practical, look good and will stay on, check out the Reefs, sizes 5 right up to 10 come with a back strap so are guaranteed to stay on!

    2 UV Tops -

    Planning on getting in the water, but don’t fancy a wetsuit? No problem, check out the range of UV rash tops available. We have a wide range of colours and styles to suit everyone. Worried it’s going to be too tight? Surf Tees are quite popular amongst our customers, whys that you ask? They are exactly as it seems, a t-shirt style top that offers the UV protection your skin needs (UPF 50+) and won’t cling to you so you can wear it on the beach or out and about. O’Neill offers a variety of different colours in this style.


    Protect your little nippers from those UV rays, with 50+ UPF protection sunsuits. These are great for the beach or pool as they won’t irritate and give them the freedom they need to still play in the sand or run in the waves. We have a variety of brands available which offer that all important protection.

    3. Bodyboards -

    A fun, safe and easy way to enjoy the art that is wave riding. We all started body boarding when young before moving onto surfing and still do from time to time! There are some awesome colours to check out in our body boarding section.

    Remember the bodyboard you choose all depends on your weight and height, so if you’re not too sure what would be best, give us a call (01273 420142) and we’ll pop you in the right direction.



    4 Sunglasses -

    Of course, the essential of all essentials, great for daily wear wherever you may be. There is a range of brands with a range of prices to protect your eyes. The Vans and Santa Cruz sunnies are a personal fave, but if you want something that more robust then check out the Von Zipper range, these come in some pretty bright colours.



    5. Swimwear -

    Finally, last but by no means least, swimwear. With so many brands and styles, you’re spoilt for choice! O’Neill offer a quirky mix and match range so you can chop and change to suit your mood and Quiksilver have a range of boardies to suit your style.

    swimwearSo there you have it! Make sure your adventure is an epic one with the help of our 5 item guide.


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  • Tide Mills Beach Needs You!

    Tide Mills Beach Needs You!

    We have been contacted by Local Surfer Jon Spong for help in getting the plight of the Tide Mills Surfers out to the wider Surf Community – Jon has started the “Save our Wave campaign”, for people wishing to speak out against the planned development and restriction of access to Tide Mills Beach. Tide Mills Beach Needs You!
    Jon has said “the owners of Newhaven Port are trying to deny local and national users access and use of A SECOND Newhaven sandy beach” “This time it is the beautiful Tide Mills beach, hugely popular with both local and national visitors and wavesports enthusiasts that is to be BUILT upon by Newhaven Port and Properties (NPP). The planned development partially covers over the sandy beach at the west end of Tide Mills. The surf break stands to be decimated by the new development plans, ending countless years of sporting culture in this culturally and historically important location. “No-one doubts that this regeneration needs to take place for the good of the town but there has to be a way forward without pushing a busy shipping berth out into the clear view of the entire bay and sacrificing this precious natural space”
    “We, the surfers who began this campaign are sure that the benefits of preserving this surf break run far beyond it’s immediate value to the large surfing and wavesports community here. The break is hugely important as part of Newhaven and Seaford’s portfolio of tourism resources as well as contributing to a general culture of health and wellbeing in the area". Sussex has an ever growing surf community with scarce few breaks over sand, on which it is safer for newcomers to learn. The value of this surfing beach must be recognised and preserved.
    We will keep you updated on this campaign and urge that you show your support by signing the petition on

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