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  • Into Indo Boarding yet?

    We've got a great selection of Indo Boards in at the mo. If you haven't tried an Indo Board yet, then get down to the shop and have a go in our demo area.

    Indo Boards

    The Indo deck balances on top of a roller - you stand on top and balance (or attempt to!). It takes a bit of practice, but thats kinda the point. It's awesome balance training, so if you're getting into surfing or skateboarding (or any boardsport really), you'll notice your progress coming along ten fold once you've mastered Indo!

    It's amazing for core strength and fitness too. Ideal at home in front of the telly in the evening.

    If you're a skater then you've gotta try out the new Indo Mini Kicktail board. It's designed for tricks; ollies, kickflips, shuv-its, rail slides, grabs & transfers.

    We've got a pretty sweet selection of Indo Boards in stock at the mo. Come in & have a go!

    Indo Boards available to buy and try in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove. Buy Indo Boards online from

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