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Airhole Stella

  • New AIRHOLE Face Masks (You Idiot)

    New Airhole Face Masks have hit the store! Our favourite face warmers, the photo Airholes always guarantee a laugh! Whether you're bombing down the slopes or not they are by far the most fun way to keep cosy.

    Airhole Face Masks You Idiot
    Check out our man Mark sporting the Sasquach (aka Chewbacca) and Handlebars (Hulk Hogan?) Airholes below...

    Airhole Sasquatch & Airhole Handlebars Face Masks

    Airhole say: "Airhole Facemasks are the best facemasks in the world because they are innovative, functional, fashionable, and fun."

    Airhole masks including Fangs, Shark & Hannibal Lecter

    "Founded by professional snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown, Airhole Facemasks provide the protection you need from the elements while bringing fashion to your face."

    Ladies Airhole masks, plain Airholes & Airtubes

    If you're not feeling the need to hybrid yourself to part Shark or Mr T, go for an Airtube or Classic Fleece Airhole mask instead, like the plain blue, black or pink.

    Airhole X Ray & Airhole Stella face masks

    Prices start from just £19.99 and Airhole face masks are available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders or buy Airhole online from

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