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3 Star Protest Vendee Pro

  • C-Skins Team Rider takes 2nd Place at 3-Star Protest Vendee Pro!

    Vincent Duvignac, C-Skins FRANCE team rider came second place at the 2012 ASP 3-Star Protest Vendee Pro in a close fought low scoring final in shifting 4-5Ft wind affected peaks. Progressing solidly through the early rounds of competition, Duvignac, labeled the events ‘overall standout’ was finally beaten to the top spot by Marlon Lipke (DEU).

    Vincent Duvignac, 24, only needed a small score to overtake his opponent but never found the wave that he needed. Duvignac has been on top form during the whole event netting the highest single wave score and heat total of the 2012 Protest Vendee Pro.

    It was frustrating because I had a good score and I just missed a second decent wave, Duvignac stated. It’s been a really hard contest with difficult waves breaking everywhere and the luckiest guys got two good waves in the previous heats. I’m a little disappointed because I was that close to winning my first Star event. But a second place is a great way to start the year, winning ranking points and a little prize money to allow me to travel to future events.

    With an excellent first result this season, Duvignac hopes to capitalize on his ranking which will help him demonstrate his talent and fulfill his potential as a pro surfer. The young natural footer displayed a fantastic flawless style in Vendee this week and will soon export his abilities to compete against the World’s best in California for an ASP Prime event.

    Vincent’s next event is Trestles where he hopes to continue his success with a good result, and from there he will be focusing on the European Tour where he will make a run for the Title.

    Needless to say, C-Skins are stoked for Vincent and are sure this is just the first of many great results in 2012.

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