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  • Oi Rio Pro 2015 Low down


    Last week, you may or may not have been gluded to your screens to watch the Oi Rio Pro 2015 at Barra Da Tijuca.  What a week it was with the masses gathering to see some of the world’s finest surfers battling it out in the water for that all important spot.

    The men’s surfing saw Filipe Toledo from Brazil go head to head with Bede Durbidge from Australia.


    Filipe Toledo - Oi Rio 2015 Champion Oi Rio 2015 Champion, Filipe Toledo - Courtesy of WSL

    Toledo managed to score a perfect ten with a no grab air-reverse and later a 9.87 to secure his win, bearing in mind the maximum score possible is 20, they definitely put on an awesome final with Durbidge scoring a few 7’s along the way too! Toledo was so grateful by the support on the beach and rightly so for a home country win! This leaves him second in the rankings with 25,700 points!

    Crowds at Oi Rio Crowds at Oi Rio Pro - Courtesy of WSL

    In particular the women’s event was exciting with Stephanie Gilmore (reigning champ) absent from the contest with a leg injury, this gave a great chance for Tyler Wright, Courtney Conlogue and Carissa Moore (to name a few) to make their way through the heats and into the quarter finals. We saw Carissa Moore do well in here rounds but was defeated in the semi-finals against Bianca Buitendag where Buitendag scored a total 13.50 taking her through to the finals.

    Oi Pro 2015 Champions - Courtney Conlogue and Filipe Toledo - Courtesy of WSL Oi Pro 2015 Champions - Courtney Conlogue and Filipe Toledo - Courtesy of WSL

    Wright and Conlogues semi-final wasn’t easy either, with the conditions of surf being small it was tricky to really showcase their talents. None the less they made do with what was available and fought through it to see Conlogue win her semi-final with a score of 13.50.
    Having won the Women's Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, Conlogue managed to score 7.17 and 7.33 waves in amongst the final helping to boost her score and go on to win the Oi Rio Pro 2015.
    Thus helping her increase her ranking position with 31,700 points putting her second on the board.
    With Moore and Conlogue having two wins each this year already (Carissa Moore; Roxy Pro Gold Coast and Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells beach), Courtney is definitely one to watch as she moves up the rankings!
    The next stop is the Fiji Pro at the end of the month (May 31st ).

  • What's the craze with Paddleboarding?

    Paddleboarding for many is a favourite past time and particularly around the South coast when the waves, well what waves?
    Paddleboarding, Supping, they’re the same thing, defined as a large board that is buoyant enough to stand on and with the help of a paddle, will get you around the water.

    Paddleboarding is growing fast in the UK and the beauty of it is you’re not restricted to just to the sea, oh no, it’s ideal for exploring lakes, rivers and canals so you can get yourself on a real adventure.

    sup-yoga SUP yoga

    Originating back in Hawaii in 1778, boards were made from Koa trees and tended to be at least 5 metres long! This requiring a paddle to get out into the waves – Since then we have seen the sport evolve with inflatable boards on the market by brands Starboard and RedPaddleCo.  Even so that yoga classes can be held on these boards out in the water!

    To get a real insight as to why Paddleboarding is growing we asked shop customer Paul just why he loves Paddleboarding.

    Why did you start Paddleboarding?

    Before I started paddleboarding, I´d only seen it on the shores of California.  I then decided to learn to paddle board with local surf guru, ´Jock Paterson´-, that was July 2011. I´d tried surfing whilst living in Portugal and I was also Wakeboarding and Windsurfing, so thought why not SUP. The rest is history.

    Benefits of Paddleboarding to you?

    I love being in the water and on the water. It is also very sociable too. Me and my friends often meet up to either cruise on the open sea or on the River Adur. The health benefits are great too, lots of fresh air and an all over body workout. I can also use my SUP to feed my other hobbies too. I like to anchor and fish from my SUP and make GoPro videos for fun to share with family and friends.

    What equipment do you have?

    I have 5 SUP boards including two inflatables. My inflatables are more for family fun and for friends to use. They are, a huge fat ´Red Paddle Mega, 10´8´and a lovely light ´Starboard Astro Whopper, 10´6"´. I have 3 hard composite SUP´s , a ´Starboard Big Easy ´10 6´which is my perfect all rounder, it cruises well and surfs. A ´Starboard Ace Pro´ 14´, this is my flat water race board, it´s perfect when the conditions are super glassy on the water, it´s an older race board, but cuts and glides well in the right conditions. Finally I have a ´Fatstick 7´2", this is my sons board who is only 5 years old, it´s very light and a perfect size for his skills right now.

    red-sup-inflatable-10-8-white Red 10'8 Ride Inflatable Standup Paddle Board


    I use the `Glass, 3 piece Red Paddle´ for fun and surf, they are super strong, extremely light and have super flexibility when paddling hard. My son uses the kids mini ´Red Paddle ‘paddle. My personal paddle of choice and my most extravagant purchase is the ´Yolo Pro Elite´. ´Spear´ paddle, designed by my friend EJ Johnson. Engineered by master craftsman and elite racer EJ Johnson. This unique design has been developed over the last 6 years with various models, shapes and tests. This new blade is 8.5" wide and 16" long (95 square inches) and weighs only 17 oz. It has a dihedral running all the way down the power side, and the top having a single concave at the tip. The two combined, achieves a solid plant, and fast release. A race-winner on numerous occasions this year already. The handle has a spongy texture too, so no blisters so far. It´s even more super light, stronger and hits the spot.

    red-sup-paddle_glass_3piece_4_1 Red Glass 3 Piece Travel SUP Paddle


    SUP Accessories
    I have must have gadgets too! I use the ´Red Paddle´cargo nets' on my Inflatable SUP´s, these are great for storing other gadgets, like a waterproof bag, anchor, fishing equipment, drinks, etc. I sometimes attach a mooring line too to the back of my SUP´s when cruising for extra safety. I always use a tangle free SUP leash too, nothing to long that would cause drag in the water. The ´Red Paddle´waterproof bag is great also, you don't need any cargo net, it just clips onto the plastic rings of the `Red Paddle & Starboard´inflatables. The cool thing about this waterproof bag is that you can put your pump in it if you are going on a one way SUP adventure. Finally I have all the surf\SUP mount GoPro accessories for attaching your GoPro to your paddle and board. Almost forgot the apparel. A good warm wetsuit, boots and gloves if it´s cold. I wore a 5mm wetsuit this winter and 7mm boots to keep me warm.

    Where have you been Paddleboarding?

    Click the location to check them out.

    'The shores of ´Brighton & Hove'    ´River Adur´   ´Nassau, Bahama´s'  

    ´Long Beach, California, USA   ´Tai Tam Bay, Hong Kong'

    'Dubai'   'Phoenix, AZ, USA'

    Advise to those wanting to try Paddleboarding for the first time?

    If you´ve never tried stand up paddle before and want to try, just do it. Have a lesson first with a qualified instructor. Ask around for an instructor with the best experience, which is normally your local SUP/surf Guru. They will show you the best technique on how to stand up and get your first initial balance and the safest way to fall if you lose your balance. If you decide to go it alone, always tell someone where you are heading, take a phone with you and some water.

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  • Laid - Back since way back | apparel

    Laid Back - Since Way Back | Apparel

    Just in this week is a rather chilled brand; Laid-Back. Born in 1969, this brand is designed with the idea to offer clothing to those that take the more relaxed, care free lifestyle shall we say (fitting perfectly into our shop). Whats so great about this brand is its made by like for like people. We have some awesome tee's available and its gonna be right up your street if you love the vintage wash print! They even feature some classic cars from Ford and GM incorporated into their designs.There are some unique graphics on theses tees so once they're gone, they're gone!

    So click the banner below to get shopping...


  • Holiday Shop Blog | 5 Top picks

    Top 5 picks for summer 15


    With the warm weather upon us and holidays on the horizon, it’s time to think about those all-important essentials to make sure you get the most out of your holiday!

    We’ve picked out five essentials which we feel is a must for any beach holiday.

    holidayshop_11 Flip flops -

    Whether you’re walking through the airport terminal, exploring the local towns or just relaxing on the beach, flip flops are the ideal footwear. We have a wide variety of flip flops to suit any occasion.
    You may have even heard about the Sanuks (back in by popular demand don’t you know), they are super comfy (made from yoga mats) and a favourite here in the Boardriders office!


    If you’re looking for first time flip flops for the kids that are practical, look good and will stay on, check out the Reefs, sizes 5 right up to 10 come with a back strap so are guaranteed to stay on!

    2 UV Tops -

    Planning on getting in the water, but don’t fancy a wetsuit? No problem, check out the range of UV rash tops available. We have a wide range of colours and styles to suit everyone. Worried it’s going to be too tight? Surf Tees are quite popular amongst our customers, whys that you ask? They are exactly as it seems, a t-shirt style top that offers the UV protection your skin needs (UPF 50+) and won’t cling to you so you can wear it on the beach or out and about. O’Neill offers a variety of different colours in this style.


    Protect your little nippers from those UV rays, with 50+ UPF protection sunsuits. These are great for the beach or pool as they won’t irritate and give them the freedom they need to still play in the sand or run in the waves. We have a variety of brands available which offer that all important protection.

    3. Bodyboards -

    A fun, safe and easy way to enjoy the art that is wave riding. We all started body boarding when young before moving onto surfing and still do from time to time! There are some awesome colours to check out in our body boarding section.

    Remember the bodyboard you choose all depends on your weight and height, so if you’re not too sure what would be best, give us a call (01273 420142) and we’ll pop you in the right direction.



    4 Sunglasses -

    Of course, the essential of all essentials, great for daily wear wherever you may be. There is a range of brands with a range of prices to protect your eyes. The Vans and Santa Cruz sunnies are a personal fave, but if you want something that more robust then check out the Von Zipper range, these come in some pretty bright colours.



    5. Swimwear -

    Finally, last but by no means least, swimwear. With so many brands and styles, you’re spoilt for choice! O’Neill offer a quirky mix and match range so you can chop and change to suit your mood and Quiksilver have a range of boardies to suit your style.

    swimwearSo there you have it! Make sure your adventure is an epic one with the help of our 5 item guide.


    Relevant pages : Flip flops Reefs UV tops Body Boards Sunglasses Swimwear O’Neill mix and match Quiksilver Boardies Sanuk Von Zipper Santa Cruz sunnies Vans Sunglasses Bodyboards Holiday Shop

  • Bills Snowboarding Trip | Megève Ski Resort , French Alps

    Bills Snowboarding Trip | Megève Ski Resort , French Alps - February 2015


    One of our team at OceanSports has recently skived off work for a week to Megève in the French Alps. Not only was it bluebird the whole week, we managed to get our hands on next year’s Burton custom for him to shred!

    megeve_ski_resort Megève Ski Resort, French Alps

    Bill came back in the store stoked out his mind about Burtons Flying V board and Bonfire Tanner Jacket he was fashioning saying,"It was outrageous loving the moguls (a bump of snow) of course, a very quick edge change and the flying 'V' just tears through tight turns making terrain such as the trees and steeps seem like green runs, when its dumping the rockers sits so sweet on top."

    bonfire-tanner-snowboard-jacket-midnight-black_1 Bonfire Tanner | Click the image to shop

    The Tanner jacket has a fine tailor fit in a rich stretch Oxford fabric which is great for providing freedom to move and keep you dry, along with its fleece lining that’s super warm!

    Bill | Megève Ski Resort, French Alps Bill | Megève Ski Resort, French Alps

    His trip sounded quite eventful, spending the first two days at a family’s home, praising a nutritious organic breaky and the only problem being, a 50 minute train then coach journey from Megève.

    Bill | Megève Ski Resort, French Alps Bill | Megève Ski Resort, French Alps

     Next Bill moved in to a hotel right bang next to the lifts for a further six days, however not without difficulty at the train station! “You’d think they'd run a bus for every train arriving on one of the busiest weeks of the season, but no! After finding out we had two and a half hours to wait when we wanted to be on the slopes, we decided to hitchhike on the entrance to the mountain road using a cardboard sign. We held out for 15 minutes before getting picked up, we were super lucky I don't think my snowboard would have fitted into someone's two seater Maserati!"

    Bill | Megève Ski Resort, French Alps Bill | Megève Ski Resort, French Alps

    In all Bill said it was the best week he's spent riding with great weather and good snow plus, a very cheeky free hotel. The board images are still under wraps so enjoy these sneak peaks of what the 2016 season has in store on us.

    Megève Ski Resort, French Alps Megève Ski Resort, French Alps

    If that's wet your appetite for some last minutes bits, check out our snow section here or pop in and speak to our team who are on hand to provide you with the advise and equipment you need.

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  • Tide Mills Beach Needs You!

    Tide Mills Beach Needs You!

    We have been contacted by Local Surfer Jon Spong for help in getting the plight of the Tide Mills Surfers out to the wider Surf Community – Jon has started the “Save our Wave campaign”, for people wishing to speak out against the planned development and restriction of access to Tide Mills Beach. Tide Mills Beach Needs You!
    Jon has said “the owners of Newhaven Port are trying to deny local and national users access and use of A SECOND Newhaven sandy beach” “This time it is the beautiful Tide Mills beach, hugely popular with both local and national visitors and wavesports enthusiasts that is to be BUILT upon by Newhaven Port and Properties (NPP). The planned development partially covers over the sandy beach at the west end of Tide Mills. The surf break stands to be decimated by the new development plans, ending countless years of sporting culture in this culturally and historically important location. “No-one doubts that this regeneration needs to take place for the good of the town but there has to be a way forward without pushing a busy shipping berth out into the clear view of the entire bay and sacrificing this precious natural space”
    “We, the surfers who began this campaign are sure that the benefits of preserving this surf break run far beyond it’s immediate value to the large surfing and wavesports community here. The break is hugely important as part of Newhaven and Seaford’s portfolio of tourism resources as well as contributing to a general culture of health and wellbeing in the area". Sussex has an ever growing surf community with scarce few breaks over sand, on which it is safer for newcomers to learn. The value of this surfing beach must be recognised and preserved.
    We will keep you updated on this campaign and urge that you show your support by signing the petition on
  • Rip Curl Search GPS Watch update

    At last we have received some of the hugely awaited Ripcurl GPS watches - The World’s First GPS Surf Watch – We tested a prototype back in the Summer and have been dying to get our hands one since. For those who don’t like gadgets or have spent time in the past trying to set up a Surf Tide watch - The One Touch Auto set up is a dream – All you do is press one button and let the Search GPS Watch do the rest – using Global positioning the watch sets itself to your local time and sets the tide to the nearest Port or Beach.


    The team behind the innovation at Rip Curl have created a truly exciting gadget/app to help improve and enhance your surfing to make sure that your time spent in the water is well and truly spent!

    rip-curl-gps-watch Rip Curl GPS Watch

    This is a very clever bit of kit, enabling you to track  a range of stats to check out on your watch and mobile app such as:

    • Number of Waves Caught


    You are now ready to predict time and tide and then track every wave you get, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session – Ripcurl team rider Gabriel Medina is renowned for catching a huge amount of waves every time he surfs. Recently at Rocky Point in Hawaii, Gabriel scored 43 waves in just over an hour and a half... that’s roughly one wave every two and a half minutes! Think you can catch more than Medina?


    • Time Spent in the water

    During a trip to Cloudbreak Fiji, Alana Blanchard surfed a total of 25 hours over 4 surf sessions. From this on average she was surfing 6.25 hours a day. Through knowing this info she could plan a training program to helps her to balance her body and lifestyle!

    alana-blanchards-surf-time-spent-in-the-water Alana’s Stats of time spent in the water and conditions
    • Position in the Line up

    Check out where exactly you are in the line up from take-off to finish, longest ride and the speed in which you are surfing. From this you can compare daily sessions amongst your own records and your friends.

    am-surf-session-rip-curl-gps Wilko’s AM surf
    pm-surf-session-rip-curl-gps-wilko Wilko’s PM surf


    • Speed of your surf
    speed-of-surf-rip-curl-gps-watch Mike Fannings speed in the water


    • Re-live your sessions

    Back home or at work you can Sync your data to the Rip Curl Search App or Website to re-live your surf with location maps, image sharing and graphic charts which showcase your session  - Show your mates what they missed..!  Using the Ripcurl Search App available for iPhone or from any web browser you can create your own profile, even check the stats from other Ripcurl Pro Surfers at World Tour events across the Globe.  You can access your surf data from all your devices and showcase your sessions on the Ripcurl Search App or direct to Facebook.



    re-live-session-ripcurl-gps-sync Sync via Bluetooth
    • Compare your surf with the pros and your friends.

    You can create a club or group using the App to compete against your workmates, or set one up for your next surf trip. Get insights into how often your friends surf and where they surf, Log stats from every session, you can of course keep your secret spots private too..! It is the world’s first socially-connected global surfing community.



    The Ripcurl Search GPS is lightweight and has a soft rubber strap so is comfortable to wear in the Surf with or without a wetsuit – There’s no messing with batteries too – the Ripcurl Search GPS watch features a rechargeable battery and can be charged from your PC or Mains

    An ideal Christmas Present for yourself or the Surfer in your life…!
    Prepare to Join The Search.

    *Adapter Needed


  • The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Grom Comp

    The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Grom Comp

    Just had some words from Cliff Cox on his recent Groms comp – the pictures say it all – what a day well done to Cliff and the Judges for putting something back into local Surfing and bringing on the next generation of Surfers..

    The Pure Spirit, Ocean Sports Boardriders, Groms Comp took place last weekend.
    Waves were 2-3ft, windy but the sun was out and everyone put in a good performance.
    First in the water were the older cadets: Max, Alex, Liam and Alfie who all surfed well with Max Spicer coming home first with some great backhand sprays.
    Next up were the groms: River, Kristian, Morgan and Jack did well in a hard paddle against the rip with River Requina taking the honours.
    For the last division, we all walked to a sheltered beach where the mini groms, girls and boys competed together. Carris, Libby, Abbey, Devon, Curtis, Chay and Jago all went head to head. They all ripped but in the end Carris Hammond triumphed in the girls and Curtis “The Super Grom” won in the boys.
  • New GoPro Hero4 is here...Hero4 Black edition


    At last the Go Pro Hero4 wait is over* - the new Go Pro Hero4 Black, the new Go Pro Hero4 Silver, and the new Go Pro Hero cameras are out… here’s the take on these new Hero Cameras..

    The Hero4 Black Edition is the top of the line with 4K video capabilities, as you would expect the flagship model is the "most advanced" Go Pro Camera to date, offering a processor and frame rates that are twice as fast as previous models.

    The new GoPro4 brings a lot of the features GoPro fans and professionals alike have been crying out for, highlights include: 4K video at 30 frames per second, and 1080p video at an eye-watering 120 frames per second. The GoPro Hero 3 Black could shoot 4K at 15fps, that sounds good but actually wasn’t that great. 30fps is the standard and the Hero4 cam can now shoot footage that will look amazing but you will still need a 4k TV to see the GoPro Hero4 at it’s very best resolution, but importantly it future-proofs you for when you do update your TV as 4K TV’s become more affordable and the norm in every lounge. Another new feature on the Black Edition is 1080p at 120fps, this allows you to shoot in full HD and then slow it right down and have the footage still look super smooth.

    The new Hero4 is capable of capturing photos at 12-megapixels and 30fps, Waterproof up to 40m, the Hero4 Black Edition includes Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, also cool new features like night photo and night lapse modes, Hi-Light Tag, a wide-angle field of vision via Super-view, an auto low-light mode and high performance audio recording.. And all this for £10 more than the outgoing model as the Hero4 has been priced at just £379.99..! Click here for more details and technical spec on the new Hero4 Black Cameras

    To be honest we are most excited with the new GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition as it is the first Go Pro Camera to come with a built in touchscreen display. This makes setting up and reviewing shots much easier, where once this was only achievable by buying the LCD screen separately for £79.99 or pairing the camera to your phone. It comes with a maximum shooting resolution of 1080p 60fps or 720p 120fps for video with the same photographic capabilities as the Black Edition.
    We think this is the winner in the GoPro line for the majority of people who want high-end action cam footage as it is now pretty much the same spec as Hero 3+ Black edition from last year. It'll shoot 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p 60fps, and 720p at 120fps. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, improved audio system, Night Photo / Night Lapse and a much more user friendly interface. Basically, all you are really missing from the Hero4 Black is the 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps, and some of the other higher resolution/frame-rate combinations which unless you are at professional level and or have a 4K TV are you really bothered..? – We would say for the average guy or girl in the Snow / Surf / Trail the GoPro Hero4 Silver with its super cool built in touch screen is the camera we'd recommend – All this for £289.99 Click here for more details and technical spec on the new Hero4 Silver Cameras

    Go Pro have also launched their first budget priced camera – known simply as the “Hero” this will bring a Go Pro camera to the masses for under a £100. The Go Pro Hero will shoot video in 1080p 30fps or 720p 60 fps and 5-megapixel photos at 5fps. The Hero is as tough as the higher price models and just as waterproof (up to 40m) but does not have a removable battery.
    Not everyone is as concerned with mega image quality, some just want a tough camera that can go anywhere and survive. With the cost of owning a GoPro now under £100 prepare to see even more people filming and GoPro cameras everywhere you go..! Click here for more details and technical spec on the new Go Pro Hero Cameras

    *Available to preorder now and for dispatch from the 6th October.

  • Cliff Cox enjoying an Indian Summer Session in Bude

    Cliff Cox Team Rider

    Shop Team Rider Cliff Cox enjoying an Indian Summer Session in Bude. Clear warm water with the sun out – September in the UK…?

    The store is full of Winter wetsuits, boots and gloves, so we're ready for the worst of the British Winter when it does show up..!

    1 cliff nice

    Photos : Matt Hammond

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