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  • O’Neill Wetsuits Winter 2014 Collection

    As one of the top names in wetsuits, O Neill Wetsuits are always the brand we eagerly await delivery of each season. Forever pushing forward neoprene and wetsuit technology, it’s always exciting to see that new features they’ve added to their wetsuit range, and the winter O Neill Wetsuits collection is another winner!

    When Jack O’Neill founded the company back in 1952 words like ‘Technobutter’ and ‘Firewall’ didn’t exist. Credited with inventing the wetsuit, that was exciting enough back then! Fast forward to their Winter 2014 season and you’ve got a full range of awesome wetsuits for all budgets and all watersports!

    Our surf guys have tried and tested the O Neill Wetsuits range for winter. Here’s our lowdown on the collection.

    The O’Neill Psychofreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psychofreak 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psychofreak Wetsuit: If there’s one wetsuit that features everything you can sandwich in, then this is it! The Psychofreak is lighter and warmer than any of the other Technobutter range suits, yet it’s thinner….? Less is more and the Psychofreak is just that - it’s cooking, its flexible, try it believe it!

    The O'Neill Psycho 3 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 3 5/3 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psycho 3 Wetsuit: O'Neill set an almighty standard when the Psycho series first came out (from day one our best selling premium suit was the Psycho 2) and now they have pushed the bar up another notch! The Psycho series is all about flexibility and performance. O'Neill have made the new Psycho 3 with their new Technobutter rubber, which is 17% lighter than before. Weight has also been reduced using a new narrower liquid sealed seam - the SuperSeam.  Not forgetting a cosy warm Firewall core and ZEN Zip system protecting the zip from coldwater flush. If your goal is to have the most flexible performance wetsuit on the market, then the Psycho 3 will not disappoint!

    The O'Neill Psycho RG8 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho RG8 5/3mm Winter Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psycho RG8 Wetsuit: The O'Neill RG8 5/3 takes the Psycho series a step further using the FUZE front zip to maximise stretch in the upper body plus incorporating recycled materials. This wetsuit is at the forefront of wetsuit technology. If flexibility is everything and you want to start doing a bit more for the planet via your surfing, then look no further than the RG8 this winter.

    The O'Neill Pyrotech Wetsuit

    O'Neill Pyrotech 5/3 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Pyrotech Wetsuit: What started as the idea for a chest zip Psycho wetsuit became the RG8, which then demanded an upgrade to the new Technobutter neoprene. The result is the latest innovative chest zip winter suit – the Pyrotech. Lighter, stronger, super-sealed and featuring all the great Technobutter awesomeness of suit shredding weight and a new Technobutter Firewall lining too - we think this could be the surprise of the season!

    The O'Neill Mutant Wetsuit

    O'Neill Mutant 5/4 Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Mutant Wetsuit: The O’Neill Mutant just got even better. Still offering the Modular hood closure system, the Mutant remains one of the most versatile cold water suits available, but with the introduction of full 100% Ultraflex neoprene throughout, this suits performance has been boosted, without compromising warmth. O’Neill have also updated the graphics and style of the Mutant for this season, and it looks great! If you need a go-to suit to seal out the cold this winter, you won’t find much better than the Mutant with its Modular Closure System and watertight Single Fluid Seam Welds.

    The O'Neill Psycho 1 Wetsuit

    O'Neill Psycho 1 5/3 Wetsuit - O'Neill Wetsuits

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Psycho 1 Wetsuit:  The Psycho 1 is made from O'Neill's super-stretch premium Technobutter neoprene and loaded with features - all for just £200! It's a simple design, featuring a durable full double lined construction (so you know its gonna last). The Psycho 1 also features a barrier system to keep cold water from flushing the zip and standard back zip entry, meaning easy on and off if you're not a fan of chest zip wetsuits.  This is a staff favourite and one of the best performing winter wetsuits we have seen for the price.

    The O'Neill Hooded Superfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Superfreak 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Hooded Superfreak Wetsuit: The Superfreak remains unrivalled in terms of performance and value for money, but is also now offered in a 5/4 hooded version for Winter 2013/14. The addition of the hood combined with O’Neill’s F.U.Z.E closure system makes for a super sealed and comfortable suit that with the increased thickness means this suit can still perform in even the coldest of conditions. We’re talking those deepest, darkest, winter sessions.  All this combined with the FluidFlex Firewall in the front chest and back ensure maximum heat retention along with wind protection. This is the warmest spec suit ever offered at this price range.

    The O'Neill Superfreak Wetsuit

    O'Neill Wetsuits - Superfreak 5/3

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Superfreak Wetsuit: This is our staff favourite and already selling like hot cakes! A really clean design - smooth body panels to combat windchill and O'Neill's mega flexible chest zip design, giving great upper body flexibility, seams are sealed to keep cold water out and all this for £149.99. This, for us, makes the Super Freak Fuze 5/3mm this winter's bargain. Buy one now before our staff do!

    The O'Neill Epic Wetsuit

    O'Neill Wetsuits Epic 5/4

    What we think about the 2014 O Neill Epic Wetsuit: The newly updated Epic series boasts some stylish new looks and colour ways along with some very credible features for winter 2013-14, whilst still keeping this suit bang on budget. First off, O’Neill have opted to construct the Epic series entirely from 100% Ultraflex neoprene, meaning greater flexibility and comfort than ever before seen at this price, and secondly they have combined this with increasing the suits thickness to 5/4mm. The result is a highly manoeuvrable suit that ensures maximum warmth. If you are on a budget, you aren’t going to find a more feature-full suit at this price to keep you warm in the water this winter.

    O Neill wetsuits are available to buy in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove, or online at For advice please call 01273 420142

    General enquiries please contact
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  • Free snowboard bag anyone? Everyone loves a freebie...

    Fancy a free snowboard bag? Well you're in luck. We're all excited for the season ahead and as a result we're giving away Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bags with selected snowboards!

    Free Snowboard Bag free Dakine snowboard bag with selected snowboards

    Our free snowboard bag offer applies to purchases of selected snowboards by Burton, Salomon, DC and Lib Tech.

    Free snowboard bag - package dealThe Dakine Pipe Bag is a non-padded snowboard bag from Dakine, ideal for taking to the dry slopes or carrying your snowboard when in resort. Choose from 3 different designs - there's red, northwood and forden to decide between.

    Not sure which snowboard to go for? Let us help. Our friendly staff know their stuff and have ridden most of the boards (lucky b*ggers!), so you'll get genuine advice from actual snowboarders. And we're never pushy! Just give us a call on 01273 420142 and we'll answer any questions you might have.

    Our free snowboard bag offer is just one of the many awesome snowboarding deals available to buy online from this winter.

    For general enquiries email
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  • Fireman Rescues Kitten (filmed on GoPro camera)

    Seen the footage of the Fireman rescuing the kitten, filmed on a GoPro camera? See, not just for getting footage skydiving or surfing, the GoPro captures it all!

    GoPro Camera Fireman Rescues KittenTitled "Rescue Mission" the footage got itself the accolade of Video of the Week by GoPro on their official website. Fireman Cory Kalanick rescues an unconscious kitten from a burning house filled with smoke. Cute and heroic all in one!

    With over 16 million YouTube hits already, we're not the only one loving this footage. Take a look at the Rescue Mission filmed on GoPro Camera below:

    GoPro Cameras are available to buy in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove or buy GoPro Cameras online from

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    For advice & information on GoPro Cameras email

  • New AIRHOLE Face Masks (You Idiot)

    New Airhole Face Masks have hit the store! Our favourite face warmers, the photo Airholes always guarantee a laugh! Whether you're bombing down the slopes or not they are by far the most fun way to keep cosy.

    Airhole Face Masks You Idiot
    Check out our man Mark sporting the Sasquach (aka Chewbacca) and Handlebars (Hulk Hogan?) Airholes below...

    Airhole Sasquatch & Airhole Handlebars Face Masks

    Airhole say: "Airhole Facemasks are the best facemasks in the world because they are innovative, functional, fashionable, and fun."

    Airhole masks including Fangs, Shark & Hannibal Lecter

    "Founded by professional snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown, Airhole Facemasks provide the protection you need from the elements while bringing fashion to your face."

    Ladies Airhole masks, plain Airholes & Airtubes

    If you're not feeling the need to hybrid yourself to part Shark or Mr T, go for an Airtube or Classic Fleece Airhole mask instead, like the plain blue, black or pink.

    Airhole X Ray & Airhole Stella face masks

    Prices start from just £19.99 and Airhole face masks are available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders or buy Airhole online from

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    For more information on Airhole Face Masks email

  • NEW Nike SB Skate Shoes #SickKicks

    Nike SB New Collection


    Check the sick new kicks from Nike SB that have just hit the store! Backpacks too, ideal for school, work & down the skatepark! Nike Skateboarding gear ain't just for skateboarders folks... Yea the NikeSB shoes are padded and supportive for skateboarding, but they look so rad you really don't need a skateboard to carry of the SB style!

    Nike SB Skate Shoes


    We've got Nike Janoskis and Nike Kostons from £59.99 plus the kids Satire's for just £29.99. With the Nike SB Satire kids shoes going up to a UK 6, if you've got little feet this is one time you're onto a winner, eh!

    Nike SB Kids Satire Skate Shoes
    Nike SB Kids Satire Skate Shoes

    The Nike Piedmont Backpacks always sell out fast, so get in quick if you're after this seasons release, available in Laser Orange, Black Forest or Tropical Twist. Just £24.99

    Nike Piedmont Backpacks
    Nike Piedmont Backpacks

    Nike SB shoes and bags are available to buy in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove or online from

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    For more information on Nike SB email

  • Just released - GoPro HERO3+ Camera!

    The GoPro HERO3+ camera is HERE! We thought the GoPro HERO 3 was awesome, but the new HERO3+ is SICK! Seriously – check out the footage further down the page!

    go pro hero 3 plus camera (black & silver editions)


    The GoPro HERO3+ is 20% smaller than the HERO3, with 30% longer battery life, lighter, more powerful (12MP stills and 30fps) now features SuperView, high res high frame professional video quality, Protune, Auto Low Light mode, the audio is improves and images are even sharper with less distortion! In short EPIC!

    gopro hero3+

    We’ve got the GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition, GoPro HERO 3+ Surf Edition, GoPro HERO3+ Motorsports Edition and GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition on their way to us (due any day now), but stock is pretty limited, so we recommend pre-ordering (CLICK HERE to pre order your GoPro HERO3+).

    We’ve got a stack of GoPro HERO3+ accessories and mounts coming too, including the new GoPro LCD backpack, all available to pre-order too!

    go pro hero 3 plus photos / images


    GoPro HERO3+ cameras and accessories will be available to buy in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders and to pre order and buy online from Got a question about the new GoPro HERO3+ cameras? Just give us a call on 01273 420142 and we’ll be happy to help.

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    For more information on GoPro Hero3+ cameras email

  • Hollingdean Skate Jam - Sat 28th Sept

    Hollingdean Skate Jam is back! From 12pm Saturday 28th September 2013

    Hollingdean Skate Jam Hollingdean Skate Jam
  • Discount Deal on O'Neill UV Tops & Sunsuits

    Looking for cheap UV tops? Here's another amazing deal from…. O’Neill UV tops and sunsuits with huge discounts and prices from just £6.99!

    cheap uv protection tops and sunsuits


    Whether you missed out on the deal last time and want to get involved ready for next summer, or you’re heading off for some winter sun, this deal is a MUST for everyone!

    Cheap UV Tops from O'Neill

    We’ve got O’Neill UV tops for men, women and kids as young as 1! Plus UV sunsuits for toddlers and babies, starting from 6 months! There’s up to 40% discount too, so prices are super cheap.

    O’Neill UV protection tops and sunsuits offer 50+ UPF sun protection – that’s 98% of the suns rays blocked! They look cool too and with O’Neill branding kids will be more than happy to be seen out in them.

    cheap UV tops and sunsuits

    Long sleeve, short sleeve, tight fit, loose fit…..whatever you’re after, you’ll find it here in our O’Neill UV tops special offer.

    O'neill uv tops

    Cheap O’Neill UV tops and sunsuits are available to buy in store from Ocean Sports Board Riders and online from

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    For more information on O'Neill UV Tops email

  • The HUGE O'Neill Wetsuit CLEARANCE

    Cheap O'Neill wetsuits alert! Forget deal of the week, this is the deal of the year! O'Neill wetsuits with up to 40% discount! WOW - a whopping £90 off the O'Neill Psycho RG8! We've got 3/2 summer wetsuits and 4/3 wetsuits in the offer, mens and womens too. So whether you're on the look out for a summer wetsuit, mid season wetsuit or something to see you through 3 seasons of surfing, it's well worth checking out.

    Bag yourself an O'neill Wetsuit BARGAIN and you'll pay just £79.99 for a mens or womens Epic 3/2 (that's cheaper than what you'd pay for a second hand eBay suit!!)

    Go for the awesome Gooru chest zip at £107.99 (25% off) or the O'Neill Psycho RG8 at £134.99 (40% off) and you're getting high end wetsuits for the price of an entry level suit.

    This is your chance to save a fortune on a wetsuit, or bag a much better spec wetsuit for your budget. And from the top name in wetsuits too, O'Neill! What a deal!

    Get in quick as these deals are first come first served!

    Our O'Neill wetsuit discount deal is available in store at Ocean Sports Board Riders, Hove or online at


  • Old Skool Dayz is BACK - 21st Sept

    Yes it’s here again – Shoreham Skate Park’s Old Skool Dayz skate event. Sponsored by us (Ocean Sports) and the Flour Pot Bakery.

    It’s time to dig out those neon t-shirts or tube socks and headbands, that Powell Peralta or Alva board; whatever era you skated in back in the day this is an event not to be missed.

     It’s a 100% fun day celebrating the South Coast's amazing 40 year skateboard history. There'll be a BBQ, food and drinks, displays of ultra rare and classic skateboards, rockin’ 70’s & 80’s soundtrack booming and of course some retro pool skating in Shoreham’s legendary bowl!

     So if you still have that old board in the loft, grab it out and get your Vans on! Come down to Shoreham Skate Park Saturday 21st September from Midday

     To see pics from last year head to:



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