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Powell Bones Brigade Decks - The New Colours

Loved the first run of Powell re-issue Bones Brigade skate decks? It's time to get set for round 2. The new colour re-issue Bones Brigade decks are in production and set to arrive in the next couple of months and we want them all!

What's different about the second run of Powell re-issue decks? Basically, the colours. It looks like there will be 4 colourways produced per rider. We know each of the Bones Brigade decks are being produced in limited numbers. Only 2,500 of each deck will be produced in the world! Our sources tell us that the full collection will be just 10,000 decks per rider (so, 2,500 per colour = 4 colours per rider).

Collect all colours of your favourite Bones Brigade rider, collect all 6 from each set, or go the full hog like we're gonna do and get them all (worth a FORTUNE in a few years for sure!).

The new colour Bones Brigade decks see the following colourways:

Rodney Mullen Bones Brigade Deck in RED
Steve Caballero Bones Brigade Deck in GREEN
Tommy Guerrero Bones Brigade Deck in BLUE
Lance Mountain Bones Brigade Deck in PINK
Tony Hawk Bones Brigade Deck in NAVY BLUE
Mike McGill Bones Brigade Deck in SILVER

See image below for a preview of the Bones Brigade new colour decks from the 2nd run:

Powell New Colour Reissue Decks

Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Decks New Colours (2nd run)

We're already got our order in for the new colour Bones Brigade decks with our supplier, so if you want to secure one as yours you can pre-order with us. Here's the link:

to pre-order your new colour second edition Powell Bones Brigade limited edition skate decks!

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