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Larry Stevenson – skate maker and inventor of the ‘kicktail’ dies

Larry Stevenson, legendary skateboard maker/innovator passed away on Sunday 25th March at the age of 81. Stevenson, who helped take the sport from an early 1960s playground hobby to the credible sport it is today, had suffered from Parkinson’s Disease since the early 70’s.

Stevenson died at age 81 on Sunday at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.

Larry Stevenson was a design innovator who developed features still found on skateboards today. Notably he patented the “double kicktail” back in 1969, had the first skate team in 1963, and held the first skateboard contest in 1963. Stevenson also published Surfguide magazine during the 1960s, and Poweredge skateboarding magazine during the 1980s and 1990s.

But many credit his greatest achievement as getting the sport of skating to the place it is today! By linking skate to surfing and publishing pictures of skaters carving up sidewalks alongside surfers riding waves (and with surfing becoming a national craze, inspiring popular culture – movies and music) boosting skate as a culture, not just a kids gimmick. "He basically was the godfather of skate culture. Before him, skateboards were toys."

RIP Larry Stevenson . 1930 - 2012

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