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  • National Go Skateboarding Day


    National Go skateboarding Day

    June 21st marks “National Go Skateboarding Day”

    National Go Skateboarding Day is a day to head out in the sunshine and have a good skate with your friends. This annual celebration is aimed at promoting skateboarding and getting people motivated to take part in the sport we all love so much. Contests and fundraisers will be being held around the world.

    A lot of you will read this and wonder why only one day, why not skate every day? We totally agree, skate every day for sure! But the big drive of this day is to get the people whose boards are at the back of the wardrobe to dig them out again. Go for a push around town and remember why they bought a skateboard in the first place.

    Here in Brighton we are lucky enough to have 10 skate parks within a short distance. This means you’ll never get bored of the park scene around here.  The area offers more street spots than you can master in a lifetime. Ocean Sports is lucky enough to be part of this scene, sponsoring contests and hosting events. At Board riders we stocking decks and components from brands such as Independent, Lovenskate, Spitfire, and Bones.

    If you fancy a new set up for the day, pop down to see us. Open 7 days a week and free parking right outside. Our staff Skate and know all there' stuff. Complete skate decks from £59.99. Visit our store or shop online

    It's great to get kids involved too, we stock children's starter skateboards . Complete skateboards in a full range of sizes. Whether you're just starting out in skateboarding or you're near on pro, we'll have a skateboard for you. Limited edition special run skateboards, cheap sale price complete skateboards and new latest season release skateboards too!

    Lewes Skate park, Sussex Lewes Skate park, Sussex
  • Vans 50th Anniversary second drop of goods

    Vans 50th Anniversary second drop of goods!

    To celebrate Vans’ 50th Anniversary, Vans have released the second installment of their anniversary collection. With some of the largest names in Skate and BMX, the Vans Pro Classic collection are the same loved shoes we’ve seen over the years. Vans have just added some of the performance features that we see today!

    Features include supportive Ultracush HD sockliners for that ultimate comfort and Duracap protection in those areas that are prone to wear.


    The second installment of the collection |

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Sk8 Hi Pro 83' | Christian Hosoi

    Starting with 1983, the SK8-HI PRO. Christian Hosoi's style, raw power and larger then life persona took skating to a soaring global popularity. The Sk8 Hi Pro's feature the classic checkered design and upgraded cushioning and durability!

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans Era Pro 83'

    Keeping with 1983, the Vans era Pro celebrate Eddie Fiola, one of the first Freestyle BMX legends! Fiola dominated the sport to give it the recognition it has today! Features include Ultracush HD sockliners for additional comfort, Pro vulc constriction for more boardfeel and flex and Duracap underlay to withstand the abuse.

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans Sk8 Hi Pro 86'

    Known as the Iron Man of freestyle BMX, Denis DMC McCoy began competing pro in 1986 and ever since has pioneered the sport! This is the most iconic colourway of the 80's and features the comfort and durability you would expect today.

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans Sk8 Hi Pro 87'

    And finally the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro 87'. From the Santa Cruz team in the 80's to the Black Label in the 90's and Anti Hero today. Jeff Grosso's two tone Sk8 Hi has been modernised with upgraded cushioning and durability and of course re christened as the Sk8 Hi Pro 87'.

    Vans-50th-Anniversary-second-drop-of-goods Vans 50th Anniversary Second Drop Timeline

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  • Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    Brighton Longboarding Ladies -

    We asked the ladies at Brighton Longboard Ladies to put together a little blog to give you a taste of what its like to be a part of a longboarding community and the benefits.

    If you wander along Hove Lawn on Brighton seafront on any given sunny afternoon you will almost certainly come across a longboarder … in fact, you will almost certainly come across a bunch of women longboarders!

    Ellen Spall - Nose Manual Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    We are the Brighton Longboard Ladies; a group established in 2013 by Sheree Wall to encourage women longboarders in and around Brighton and Sussex, of any age and experience, to meet, skate together and share tricks and tips. Since it's origins the crew has established a following of over 500 on our Facebook page with around 160 as part of our online group.
    Although a 'Ladies' group, our meets are open to all and totally inclusive. We will often have other local and neighbouring crews join us with regular visits from our London friends.

    Brighton Longboarding LadiesWhen we first met, we just cruised around and a couple of the girls with street skate backgrounds tried some tricks. Although we were true beginners, many of us had real aspirations! Now, when we meet, we set out a line of cones for slalom and a small hippy jump for a bit of fun. The girls will be busting out dance moves and flatland tricks as well as continuing to learn new things. A few of the girls are now part of the downhill and slide scene. There is always a great vibe and we often find ourselves chatting with passers-by whose usual question is; Why do we do it?

    Brighton Longboarding LadiesFor many of us it's the feeling of freedom. It's such a relaxed and chilled thing; cruising and carving along the seafront, throwing in a couple of dance moves, the adrenaline rush as you practice and try not to stack it! For others, it's much more poetic; bringing a feeling like nothing else can, like being in a different and wonderful world! I has certainly helped many of us increase our confidence as it makes us face fears and exceed our own expectations.

    It enables us all to forget about everything else, even things that worries or upsets us. There is nothing that compares to the feeling you get when mastering a new move or trick – knowing that all your hard work and effort has paid off and now you can do something that before you saw someone else do and only wished you could.

    Brighton Longboarding Ladies

    And in the end, it's the community of girls and guys which is such an incredibly sociable one … and there is usually cake.

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  • Penny Longboards are here!

    Just in the Penny Longboard!

    Penny have taken their secret plastic formula and created a unique camber and convex deck shape to offer quite the ride! The new development provides a greater strength and control over the deck itself whilst still providing that functionality that we all know from the Penny board series.

    This board is ideal for those that love to cruise and explore be it around town or down hills and offer the smooth ride and stability you need!


    Longboarding has been around since the 70's so whether you have tried it or not why not give it a go! We have all the above colours available even a quirky Glow in the Dark option...

    Penny themselves offer a range of blogs on how to; Carve hills on a Longboard , Urban Longboard , Beach Longboard and Transit Longboard.

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  • Element has arrived

    Element fall 15

    Just In | Element

    We've got some new bits and pieces in from Elements new collection.

    There are some classic t-shirts with a variety of Element branding on the front, subtle yet noticeable in both long sleeve and short. Made from cotton, these are lightweight and comfortable on the skin, just whats needed for this time of year.

    We have some beanies and caps available with a whole variety of logos on the front, just whats required for a post surf or skate. Wallets and belts are available too with some quirky features such as a bottle opener!

    And of course, you can never have too many check shirts! With that in mind Element have used what they call Flex fabric; combining Lycra and cotton for that ultimate functional and ease of movement for when it comes to skating!

    Element New In Element New In

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  • Z Flex Jimmy Plumer Complete Skateboards are Back

    Jimmy Plumer was part of the legendary Z Flex Skateboard Team and the Z Flex Jimmy Plumer Complete Skateboards are back. This is a modern day version of Jimmy's original 1970's Pro Model .The deck features custom Die Cut Z Flex grip tape and comes complete with Z Flex Trucks and Z Smooth Wheels, an ideal board for cruising but will hold it's own around a skatepark too.

    Jimmy Plumer Jimmy Plumer

    We are stoked to have this deal - a quality complete skateboard from one of the most famous names in skateboarding - Z Flex for just £39.99! These boards are great for cruising and commuting as they have great smooth wheels and a compact size. It's the classic 70's skateboard shape but a little wider than say a Penny skateboard so it will feel more stable, with a mellow kick-tail this board will be at home rolling around a skate park too. Due to its size, soft bushings and wheels these Z Flex skateboards would be ideal for the first time skater wanting a quality skateboard at a bargain price.  This is not just a cool retro skateboard it's high spec too - fitted with Z flex Brand wheels and Trucks - even Abec 7 Bearings make this the deal of the year don't miss out once they're gone they're gone..!

    We have a variety of colours available too! So whatever your mood or style there is a colour to suit!

    Z Flex Jimmy Plumer Z Flex Jimmy Plumer

    You can even check out our review by our very own Chas below:

    So be sure to grab one before they're gone!

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  • Push The Prom 2015

    International Go Skate Day is on Sunday the 21st June and what a way to get out and celebrate all things skate by taking part in the second ever “Push the Prom” skateboarding event down in Brighton by GirlsSkate UK in association with Lucy Adams and Brighton and Hove Skatepark Association!

    Push the Prom kicks off at 10am down at The Level, it’s totally free and for everyone! There will be some girls only skate lessons with Lucy Adams, followed by the mini ramp jam comp before the push along the Promenade to Hove Lagoon skate park beings!

    We had a quick chat with Lucy to find out why girls should give skating a go.

    “Everyone was a beginner once! When I first tried skateboarding I found it really hard but quite quickly I found I was getting more confident at pushing along and making turns- then I got hooked! Skateboarding doesn't have rules and so you can learn to do whatever you want and whatever makes you feel good. There's loads of support out there if you're a female that wants to get into skating, like the site and GirlsSkateUK Facebook. The internet has loads of info with how to guides and the potential to link you with other girls nearby.“

    push the prom Push The Prom 2015

    There are even drinks afterwards if you’re 18+ at the Big Beach Café by Hove Lagoon.

    It’s definitely worth getting involved and what’s so great about the skate community is everyone is willing to help each other to get over that initial hurdle that you might have. Whether you’re starting out for the very first time or trying to perfect a certain trick, its a nice community to be involved in.

    No equipment, no problem.. Its free equipment hire! and make sure you use the hashtag #pushtheprom2015 to share your footage!

    Take a look at the video from last year and stick the date in your diary!

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  • Re-introducing Cliché



    Launched by Jeremie Daclin back in 1997 Cliché is coming up 18 this summer. The brand has come along way and its team of riders growing from all around the world!
    Why is this relevant you may ask, because with age comes experience and rightly so.



    Cliché skate decks just in!You may or may not have seen these skateboard decks appear on our Instagram last week, they're fresh in the shop and plenty of sizes to choose from 8 up to 8.5! Made from the good stuff, they are ideal for street or park or even just to have displayed on your wall!

    Skateboard wall artCheck out the full Cliché range here including pro models from Winter, Espinoza, Eldridge and Guttenburg...

    cliche Paul Hart at Thrasher Mag Bust or Bail in San Francisco

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  • New GoPro Hero4 is here...Hero4 Black edition


    At last the Go Pro Hero4 wait is over* - the new Go Pro Hero4 Black, the new Go Pro Hero4 Silver, and the new Go Pro Hero cameras are out… here’s the take on these new Hero Cameras..

    The Hero4 Black Edition is the top of the line with 4K video capabilities, as you would expect the flagship model is the "most advanced" Go Pro Camera to date, offering a processor and frame rates that are twice as fast as previous models.

    The new GoPro4 brings a lot of the features GoPro fans and professionals alike have been crying out for, highlights include: 4K video at 30 frames per second, and 1080p video at an eye-watering 120 frames per second. The GoPro Hero 3 Black could shoot 4K at 15fps, that sounds good but actually wasn’t that great. 30fps is the standard and the Hero4 cam can now shoot footage that will look amazing but you will still need a 4k TV to see the GoPro Hero4 at it’s very best resolution, but importantly it future-proofs you for when you do update your TV as 4K TV’s become more affordable and the norm in every lounge. Another new feature on the Black Edition is 1080p at 120fps, this allows you to shoot in full HD and then slow it right down and have the footage still look super smooth.

    The new Hero4 is capable of capturing photos at 12-megapixels and 30fps, Waterproof up to 40m, the Hero4 Black Edition includes Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, also cool new features like night photo and night lapse modes, Hi-Light Tag, a wide-angle field of vision via Super-view, an auto low-light mode and high performance audio recording.. And all this for £10 more than the outgoing model as the Hero4 has been priced at just £379.99..! Click here for more details and technical spec on the new Hero4 Black Cameras

    To be honest we are most excited with the new GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition as it is the first Go Pro Camera to come with a built in touchscreen display. This makes setting up and reviewing shots much easier, where once this was only achievable by buying the LCD screen separately for £79.99 or pairing the camera to your phone. It comes with a maximum shooting resolution of 1080p 60fps or 720p 120fps for video with the same photographic capabilities as the Black Edition.
    We think this is the winner in the GoPro line for the majority of people who want high-end action cam footage as it is now pretty much the same spec as Hero 3+ Black edition from last year. It'll shoot 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p 60fps, and 720p at 120fps. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, improved audio system, Night Photo / Night Lapse and a much more user friendly interface. Basically, all you are really missing from the Hero4 Black is the 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps, and some of the other higher resolution/frame-rate combinations which unless you are at professional level and or have a 4K TV are you really bothered..? – We would say for the average guy or girl in the Snow / Surf / Trail the GoPro Hero4 Silver with its super cool built in touch screen is the camera we'd recommend – All this for £289.99 Click here for more details and technical spec on the new Hero4 Silver Cameras

    Go Pro have also launched their first budget priced camera – known simply as the “Hero” this will bring a Go Pro camera to the masses for under a £100. The Go Pro Hero will shoot video in 1080p 30fps or 720p 60 fps and 5-megapixel photos at 5fps. The Hero is as tough as the higher price models and just as waterproof (up to 40m) but does not have a removable battery.
    Not everyone is as concerned with mega image quality, some just want a tough camera that can go anywhere and survive. With the cost of owning a GoPro now under £100 prepare to see even more people filming and GoPro cameras everywhere you go..! Click here for more details and technical spec on the new Go Pro Hero Cameras

    *Available to preorder now and for dispatch from the 6th October.

  • Paddle is Upon Us!

    Paddle Is Upon Us!

    The legendary Paddle Round The Pier (PRTP) festival is just over a week away, the weekends antics will see thousands descend on Hove Lawns for the world’s biggest , all for charity FREE beach and watersports festival.

    If you don’t know about PRTP, summer of 1996 a small group of surfers decided to bring together the surfing community in a social seafront event which would raise money for charity at the same time. From the 50 people who attended the first “Paddle”, the event has evolved in to what is now regarded as the world’s largest free charity beach festival, with approximate visitor numbers of 50,000+ people!

    paddle-from-the-start Paddle Round the Pier | Back in the Day

    This huge festival in 2014 will boast, amongst other things:

    • The Main Music Stage,
    • Skate & BMX Ramps,
    • Ukulele Stage,
    • Kids Stage,
    • Parkour,
    • Surf Life Saving Competitions,
    • SUP Races, and
    • The Title Event “Paddle Round The Pier”.

    Ocean Sports will be there sharing a stand with Starboard SUP and Red Paddle Company the World’s leading Inflatable Paddle Board Brand, also on stand will be Jock and Ruby from Tribal Wave Sup and Kate and Jamie from What Sup Shoreham,so if you still haven’t been on an paddle board come by and say hi and see what the world’s fastest growing water sport is all about…!

    skate Paddle Round the Pier | Skate Jam

    Don’t miss the Skate action too – The 8ft Midi ramp is back this year – This has been totally funded by Paddle Organisers as all your favourite skate brands said no to supporting it so please chuck a £1 in the collection bucket when you see one - don’t miss the Shoreham Vs Level Army Skate Jam at 2pm on Saturday – when the area’sbest locals will go head to head on the Mini ramp.

    We are also sponsoring the Legendary Turn and Burn Slalom Skateboard Competition on the sea front so if you think you have been fast on a skateboard think again when you see these guys race from 11am on both days.

    Why not take part in the Pier to Pier Race. If you think you’re the fastest at paddling?!  Challenge your friends and you could WIN A SURF TRIP TO MOROCCO!

    On Saturday 5th July 2014, surfers will paddle their longboards between the vintage piers in Brighton in a charity race to be crowned 2014 Pier to Pier champion!

    What better way to settle the argument about who is the strongest at paddling than to race for charity and race for prizes?!

    Or maybe you just want to test yourself against some competition?

    Or perhaps you want to have fun and paddle between these two iconic landmarks, whilst raising money for some worthwhile causes?

    Grab your longboard, paddle hard and you could win:

    First Prize: A SURF TRIP IN MOROCCO!

    surf-berbere First Prize | Win A Surf Trip in Morocco

    Second Prize: O’Neill Gooru 3/2 Wetsuit

    Third Prize: £50 Cash Prize

    The charity race is run as part of the world’s largest free beach festival “Paddle Round The Pier”, which returns to Brighton on 5th and 6th July 2014.

    For more info log onto:

    For the Pier2Pier race all competitors must pre-register by contacting before June 27th 2014.

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