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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Cliff Cox and friends in Morocco

    Cliff Cox travels to Morocco

    Cliff Cox Cliff Cox

    Cliff Cox our team rider and the Brighton Crew have just got back from another epic trip to Morocco – Cliffs not a man of many word

    Cliff Cox Cliff Cox

    We arrived at Anchor Point to our usual house on the beach, just a stone’s throw from the paddle out spot – this was my twenty second year at the Point. It was great to catch up with my many Berber friends the local people of Morocco.

    The waves were pumping and the sun blazing, we had arrived in heaven. The tides were high so we had to wait for the dawny the next day before we could get in and surf.

    Cliff Cox Cliff Cox

    We awoke to freight train right handers and no wind, the boys were straight on it. It was great to be in the water with the boys - the crew were just close mates this year, whereas most years I would also guide or train groms.

    Cliff Cox Johnty amd Mohamid

    The trip was eventful, amazing waves, broken boards, cut feet and a few half drownings never a dull day on the “Point”.

    Cliff Cox Baz with his new JS

    Nights were filled with beers, food and the amazing starry skies - no light pollution in Morocco.

    Cliff Cox Goats

    Our time soon went ten days full of barrels and wipeouts all under the Moroccan sun, living the dream..!

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