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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Protect with Pro-Tec

    Skateboarding, BMXing or even Snowboarding all have one thing in common to keep you safe yet still carry out the sport you love and that is….protection.

    Pro-Tec are no new kids on the block to this business, with over 40 years of protective heritage in action sports these guys understand how important it is to keep you safe yet give off some style!

    Here at Boardriders HQ we have just got our hands on some Pro-Tec Classics Helmets, some collaborating with the likes of Independent and Steve Caballero and even features such as Glow in the Dark!

    Taking a look at these beauty’s these helmets all maintain the Classic style and the EPS foam for protection.

     Pro Tec Classic Helmet - Glow in the Dark

    Glow in the dark
    This helmet has the retro stripes and the helmet shell itself lets off a green glow when it gets that little bit darker.

     Pro Tec Classic Skate Helmet - Caballero

    Steve Caballero Edition
    The Caballero helmet has a monster style image towards the back of the helmet and even comes with some stickers!

    Pro Tec Classic Skate Helmet - Independent

    Independent Collab
    This helmet collaborated with Independent has red EPS foam inside the helmet and features the Independent branding along the front of the helmet and towards the back of the helmet too!

    Pro Tec Classic Helmet - Satin Black   Pro Tec Classic Helmet - Matte Grey

    ProTec Classic Helmet - Blue Retro   Pro Tec Street Lite Helmet - Navy Blue

    The Classics
    In true classic style, these come in a variation of colours from Matt to Satin to suit your preference!

    The great thing about the Pro-Tec helmets is they can be used for multiple sports from concrete to snow all with the same principle of keeping you safe enabling you to keep innovating, expressing and progressing!

    Catch the helmets here:
    Glow in the dark



  • Boardriders enters the art world #SkateArt

    What's this - Ocean Sports Boardriders Store getting into the art world? Not yet guys! We're just displaying these awesome Limited Edition skate art prints by local artist Neil Watkinson.

    Skate Art by Neil Watkinson at Boardriders Store

    Skate Art by Neil Watkinson at Boardriders


    Old school skater Neil has drawn from iconic pictures from back in the day to produce these three great works. What do you think?

    Pop down to the store to take a look at the "gallery"! We're open 7 days a week :-)

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    for further information please contact 01273 412241

  • C Skins Sponsor Max Spicer from Boardriders Youth Team

    We're stoked to announce Ocean Sports and C Skins have started sponsoring local grom Max Spicer!

    Max joins the Boardriders Youth Surf Team, having shown amazing promise rising from Cliff Cox’s groms club.  Max has been ripping at all the local beaches - from the West Country, France and the USA.  Max also won the coveted Sharkbait Best Grom award last year, so look out this guy is going places!

    C Skins Sponsor Max Spicer

    Max Spicer Profile

    Age: 13
    Favourite Surf Spots: Low Tide Croyde Bay, Watergate Bay, Huntington Beach and all the breaks around Hossegor
    Favourite Move: Powerful backside snaps throwing lots of spray!
    Max Rides: Christiaan Bradley custom surfboard - currently a 5'7 x 18 x 2 1/8 squash tail with lots of rocker (it flies on good waves and also works well when waves aren't so good)
    Max Wears: C-Skins Re-Wired 3/2mm Wetsuit and C-Skins Session Boots

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  • Red Paddle Co’s Inflatable SUP + a Tractor = ????

    What happens when you cross an inflatable paddle board and a tractor? A massive bang? A deflated paddle board? or an unhappy boarder?

    Infact none of the above! What you do get is durability, stability and quite frankly a damn good product for your buck! And the guys at Red Paddle Co show just that in their video, putting a Red Inflatable SUP through hardcore testing - throwing off a roof, driving over with a tractor and leaving it to wash up on gnarly looking rocks with no damage to the board!

    toughest inflatable SUP

    Inflatable items are associated with punctures and deflation, which honestly is the last thing you want when out in the water. So to get rid of this stereotypical hype, the brains behind Red Paddle Co looked at how to sort just that.

    Come on take me on! from Red Paddle Co on Vimeo.

    So how does this work?

    Know as "TechAir",  the highest quality material is used, aka the drop stitch which is placed inside the inflatable board to create a stronger core. Red Paddle Co boards are in fact 2 boards in 1, so an additional layer is added to create a firmer more efficient outer shell followed by the rails receiving 4 layers of taping, removing any fear of deflation!
    Then, through the process of building a rocker into the board, the SUP is built to perform providing a faster and more efficient product then a hard SUP.  How is this done?  Well the board is placed onto a specially built surface where a top later is then laminated followed by a high pressure roller being pushed over the board fixing the rocker which is then left to set and....voila!

    The race models such as the Red 14'0 Race Elite operate with removable battens in the rails to enable ease of storage - loverly!

    And they’ve even catered for vanity too! Infact they look pretty awesome.

    So there you have it, the Red inflatable SUP's not only look good, they're tough as you can get, plus being inflatable you can deflate and stick it in a backpack (now with wheels), so you can take 'em anywhere!

    Be sure to check out our Red Paddle Co Range, with package deals starting from just £649 including delivery*

    *subject to availability. Free delivery to UK Mainland only

  • Reef Sandals - Keep your feet looking sweet!

    Keep your feet looking sweet! 

    With Mother Nature slowly yet surely bring the better weather, it’s safe to say it’s on its way!
    Here at Boardriders HQ we thought we’d bring you the latest Reef flip flops to keep your feet looking sweet this summer.

    So naturally… we have Reef flip flops in a variety of designs and sizes for all ages with quirky features perfect for when you’re not in the water.

    If you like to kick back with a beer after a day in the water then the Mens Reef Leather Fanning sandals in white or brown are sure to be your thing! Featuring super comfy soles and of course…. a bottle opener on the bottom of the sole you will be sure to have the necessities with you at all times.

    Now it’s no secret that us women love our shoes, so of course Reef has catered for this too! If comfort yet stylish is you to a T, then the Reef Women’s Krystal Star Sandals are for you. With an elegant 3 point strap and wedge heal these are ideal for daily wear or for when you’re out and about in the evening.
    However, if a wedge isn’t your cup of tea then the Reef Women’s ginger Sandals are perfect!  With a 3 point strap and flat heel you’ll be able to still keep those feet looking stylish.

    Sure enough, Reef has thought of everything particularly the youngest of explorers so following in the adult’s footsteps… Reef offer removable back straps which attach to the 3 point strap for the smaller sizes (sizes 5-10) Reef little ahi kids flip flops pink crayon and Reef ahi kids sandals neon blue (to pick a few) and the normal 3 point straps for the bigger sizes.

    So there you have it… make sure to treat your feet this summer with our Reef collection


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