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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Pre-order your LIMITED EDITION Powell reissue decks!

    Heard about the Powell Reissue Decks? To coincide with the release of the much awaited Bones Brigade skate DVD, Powell are releasing a range of re-issue skateboard decks from legends Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guererro, Mike McGill and Rodney Mullen.

    "These six re-issued boards are a physical manifestation of the power of six of the greatest skateboarders ever assembled on a skateboard team" - Stacy Peralta

    These limited edition Powell Reissue Decks are being made in limited quantities – so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Due to popularity and interest in this iconic range of reissue skate decks, we’re taking pre-orders online at Get in quick to ensure you get one!

    Powell Peralta reissue skate decks

    Powell say:

    “We know based on feedback we've received from the film so far that many people want these re-issues and we want to make it possible for that to happen.

    These six re-issued boards are a physical manifestation of the power of six of the greatest skateboarders ever assembled on a skateboard team; Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero. All six of them changed skateboarding forever. They are responsible for the invention of the flatland Ollie, the Caballerial, the McTwist, the 720, the 900 and many of today's street moves, not to mention a contest record that is simply unmatched by any generation and skate careers that have outlasted every generation.

    Based on my history with them and what I saw them accomplish first hand as young skaters, I wanted to make their collection available to those who have been influenced, inspired and genuinely affected by them. We may or may not ever see a skateboard team of this magnitude and significance again.

    I feel this collection of six boards is a way to make their memory visible, tangible and everlasting”

    Order your copy of Bones Brigade DVD here >>

    Order your Lance Mountain Future Primitive Deck >>

    Order your Steve Caballero Dragon Blue Skate Deck >>

    Order your Tony Hawk Skull Limited Edition Deck >>

    Order your Tommy Guerrero Flaming Dagger Deck >>

    Order your Mike Mcgill Skull Limited Edition Skate Deck >>

    Order your Rodney Mullen Chess Freestyle Deck >>


    Check out this selection of 80’s retro skate adverts from the Powell archives too!


    Retro Powell skate advert Retro Powell skate advert tony hawwk

    Retro Powell skate advert mike mcgill Retro Powell skate advert

    Powell Reissue Decks are available in store at Ocean Sports (by special request) or buy Powell Reissue Decks online from

  • Marley & Andy meet legends Cab and Hosoi

    Boardriders Team Rider Marley Tong and Dad Andy were up in London last week to meet skate legends Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi. Both lifetime Powell Peralta fans they had old and new Cab skate decks and even a Hosoi Hammerhead to get signed – Cab and Hosoi were stoked to see their boards and were happy to spend time talking skate with the boys.

    They also spoke to Steve Van Doren (Mr Vans)! We hope he thanked Andy for making him a wealthy man considering the amount of Vans shoes the Tong family get through..!

    Check the pics below :

    Andy has since bust his ankle in the Bowl at Shoreham and is now on crutches! Get well soon mate….!

  • Burton Star Wars Snowboards 2013

    Whether you're a kid looking for a cool snowboard, a parent after an awesome Xmas pressie for a child into snowboarding or a Star Wars fan looking for the next collectable, these Burton x Lucas Films snowboards are a MUST!

    Only available to select retailers and literally JUST RELEASED this is the 2nd season edition of exclusive Star Wars Chopper snowboards from Burton. The 2012 release was so popular last season, we were stoked to find out there was going to be a 2013 collection too.... and here it is! Choose from Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, General Grievous or Destroyer Droid graphics.

    If you're not sure which size Burton Star Wars Snowboard to choose for your child, give us a call on 01273 420142 or email and we'll be happy to help.

    All the Burton Star Wars Chopper Kids Snowboards here are priced at £124.99 which includes next working day delivery to UK Mainland for FREE!

    110 115
    120 125
    130 price
  • We heart Carhartt!

    The turn in weather has had us all reaching for the woollies over the last few weeks and with the clocks changing, it’s time to accept Autumn is finally here. Boo to the cold, but yay to the wardrobe update. Layers, jackets, hats – style yourself for the chilly days and nights and it seems so much brighter, right?

    3 staple items you need for that Autumn Winter look are a long sleeve layer, a cool beanie hat and a stylish coat. Where to look? We say, Carhartt! You can’t beat the Carhartt quality and styling! Timeless items that stand the test of time, look uber cool and do what they should – keep you warm!

    So, the long sleeve layer….no brainer here – go for the Carhartt Cambel Shawl Cardigan. It’s more of a lightweight jacket than a cardigan, but you’ll wear it everywhere! One of those indoor/outdoor over everything items, the Carhartt Cambel is pure Carhartt. CLICK HERE to check out more.

    The hat – gotta be a beanie, but the dilemma of bobble or no bobble stikes! We’re loving both the Carhartt Acrylic Knit Watch Hat and the Carhartt Bobble Watch Hat. Both classic Carhartt style with their iconic patch logo on the front, and both available in a range of colours. Cant decide? Go for both!

    Decision time comes with the coat choice! The Carhartt jacket and coat range this year is true to the brand style, wearable and as always has that cool edge. Our top picks are the Carhartt Anchorage Parka – awesome choice as it’s all about the parka this year. At £174.99 its pricey, but not too pricey for an item you'll wear everyday for 4 months. It's top quality and will last! Comes in 2 colours, so if you prefer a muted grey to the military khaki colour, you’re sorted. Second top pick is the Detroit Jacket. Under 100 quid, Carhartt style through and through, corduroy collar, logo patch, quilted inner. A key piece in the Carhartt line up – a definite must have!

    Don’t forget we’ve got tonnes more Carhartt menswear on site CLICK HERE to view. And if there’s a mens Carhartt item you’ve seen in their lookbook, we can always order it in for you.

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