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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • Our Price Match Guarantee

    Did you know that we price match??? We do always aim to be ahead of the rest and already offer the lowest prices available, but with thousands of products in store, we can't always monitor each and every price against our competitors. So if you've seen a like for like item elsewhere and would rather buy from us, get in contact and we'll match it!

    There's always new companies popping up on the web - but we're not always comfortable buying from less reputable stores. Fair enough we say. So, when we've got 20 years experience in the business, a secure website, insured delivery services, an actual phone number AND a stand-alone retail shop that you can visit us in, why would you hedge your bets on a random company you've never heard of? Well, price - yeah we get it.....! Just give us a call (01273 420142) or drop an email to and we'll match that price! So you get what you want at the price you want, plus total peace of mind!

  • Quiksilver Cypher Vests Have Arrived!

    At last we've received a full range of the new Quiksilver Cypher Heated Vests. If you tried to get one last year you'll know they sold like hot cakes(or vests…!).

    Quiksilver Wetsuits have produced an amazing garment that can be worn under your wetsuit and at the press of a button radiates instant warmth into your core.. The rechargeable battery lasts 2 hours on “high” and the Cypher Vest comes with car charger and wall charger to keep you in action! The snug 7oz Polypro Quiksilver vest uses FAR infra-red heat technology, which cooks up a cosy 129 degrees on high setting and 116 deg on the low setting. Click here for more information.

    We're fully behind this technology - we see it as the most versatile on the market, as it allows you to heat up your suit in frigid conditions and get more use out of a thinner suit, but there's also nothing stopping you using the Quiksilver Cypher Vest under a snowboard jacket or while cycling....

  • 15% Off Weekender! EXTENDED

    EXTENDED TILL MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY!!!  It's 2 weeks till Christmas and be're bored of the snow, it's cold and the thought of heading to the High Street over the weekend to do your gift buying sounds like a nightmare!! Well, we've just given you your weekend back... here's 15% off all clothing and accessories (yep, even on top of sale prices!!!) so you can pick up some awesome pressies at ridiculous bargain prices (and they'll think you spent a fortune ! he he) PLUS we're doing free delivery to all UK Mainland customers! SO, to put it in perspective - you can sit on your sofa to get Xmas sorted, feet up, cuppa (or mulled wine) in the other hand.... we'll deliver to you for FREE (so not only can you avoid that 1 hour long shopping centre car park queue - you don't have to line Mr NCP's pockets either!) AND you get an extra 15% off the price of your pressies!!!  Go on, you can say it - we're the best! Sealed

  • Deliveries Affected by Weather

    Please be aware that there may be a slight delay in the delivery of some orders due to the adverse weather conditions. Both Royal Mail and City Link have advised that the snow is causing some problems collecting and delivering parcels. For the latest info please see the following links:

    Royal Mail Domestic & International Service Update -

    City Link Service Alert (see homepage article) -

  • The Snow

    Don't forget its Free Shipping until the 5th of December - So if you are snowed in like us no worries you can still get your Christmas shopping done without braving the elements - And we will ship your order Free (Subject to terms) For the latest info please see the following link:

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